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Pastor's Letter - 3/3/2019 Bulletin

Dear Parishioners,

It must have been quite a shock last week to find the upper church closed and to have Mass in the lower church because of the upper church’s ceiling instability.  A lot of factors were looked at in making this decision, but the bottom line is that safety always comes first.   In working with the Archdiocesan Engineering Department, they recommended that we visit St. Patrick’s Church in Lawrence, as they experienced a situation very similar to ours:  without warning, a 10’ x 6’ section of ceiling fell down a few years ago and luckily no one was sitting in that section.  The Archdiocese was a valuable resource for us when we renovated the Parish Center and they will continue to be so in working closely with us to resolve and find a vendor to stabilize the upper church ceiling.  Although the process is fairly straightforward it is also very specialized:  an epoxy is applied from the attic side to penetrate the plaster and attach it to the wooden lath that holds up the ceiling.  One outcome from the epoxy process is the potential that the epoxy might bleed through, necessitating having to paint the ceiling.

Last Sunday a few parishioners asked about using the funds that the parish received from the sale of the Lower School.  More than half of it has been spent on deferred maintenance projects, new lighting and fire alarm system and the rest is earmarked for, needed, long overdue projects including repairing the church roof. The Archdiocesan Engineer mentioned that it would be twice as expensive to tear out the old ceiling and replace it. Just so you know these issues don’t just happen in old churches. About six years ago St. Athanasius Parish had to close their church for a whole summer while the asbestos ceiling was removed and replaced along with new lighting and fire alarms. It was quite a project and quite disruptive to their parish life but they survived and so will St. Agnes Parish.

At a meeting last week with the Parish Finance and Pastoral Councils it was decided to move forward with this project as soon as possible and to raise the necessary funds to complete it.  I will keep you fully informed as we get more information on the cost of this project.  St. Agnes is a wonderful parish with spirit and a beautiful parish church that will be able overcome this situation. In the meantime, I would ask all of you to prayerfully consider making a donation towards this.

God bless,

Fr. Steve Rock





 Close up of Upper Ceiling
 Upper Ceiling, from a distance





When will the project begin?
We are still working with the Archdiocese Engineering Department to get bids. When a vendor is selected the proposal is sent to the Archdiocese for approval.

Do we know how much this will cost?
We are still waiting for bids, it will not be cheap.

How much money will the Archdiocese contribute towards this project?
Nothing.  Every parish is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their property and buildings. The Archdiocese has a specific department of Parish Services that provides all kinds of support from Human Resources to Maintenance and everything in between and they are being very helpful with this.

How will we pay for this?
Because of the large cost of this project we have begun planning a fund raising campaign.

Can money from St. Athanasius Parish accounts be used to help restore the ceiling at St. Agnes?
No! In a Collaborative both parishes are financially independent and separate accounts are kept for each parish. The exception to this rule is the shared expenses of the two priests. Looking into the future there will be shared costs of the Collaborative Office and maybe Religious Education.

Can parishioners from St. Athanasius contribute to this project?
Anyone who wishes to do so can contribute to this project.  Contributions can be made in two ways:
1) Electronic contribution - follow this link to make your electronic contribution.  LINK

2)  By check:  please use the St Agnes Red Edged Envelopes found in the back of St. Athanasius.  WRITE "CAPITAL PROJECTS-CEILING" on the envelope.  Checks payable to St. Agnes Parish.  Memo on check that it is for the ceiling repair.



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