St. Agnes and St. Athanasius Collaborative
St. Agnes Parish and our collaborative partner, St. Athanasius, will begin as a collaborative in June of 2019.

What is a Collaborative?
- A Collaborative is a structure within which several distinct parishes cooperate for the sake of sharing resources, to free up resources such as priests, deacons, staff and finances.  The global effort of a collaborative is Evangelization.
- Within the collaborative, St. Agnes and St. Athanasius will begin this collaboration by sharing a pastor and a parochial vicar.  We will share our deacons, and some key members of the staff. 
- We will not combine finances.  The parishes will not be combining bank accounts.  Our offertories, sacramental records, and capital needs will all be tracked separately.  If your offertory is given through St. Agnes' envelopes or through St. Agnes' oline offertory program, it will go to St. Agnes.  
- The collaborative is not a legal or canonical entity.  It does not have a federal tax payer number.  It does not have a bank account. It cannot own property.

St. Agnes Parish and our collaborative partner, St. Athanasius, will begin as a collaborative in June of 2019.  The Collaborative is part of the Archdiocese Pastoral Plan, “Disciples in Mission”.  Learn more at this link:

Q. In brief, what is Disciples in Mission?
. Parish-based evangelization works, and we can train for it, but we need strong parishes in order to do so.  Disciples in Mission calls every parish of the Archdiocese of Boston to become a strong, stable, intentional, and effective center of the New Evangelization.  Disciples in Mission is not a plan to close parishes, because we believe that parishes are going to grow, not shrink, and we are going to need all of the space that we have.  In order better to focus our resources on evangelization, Disciples in Mission organizes the 286 parishes of the Archdiocese of Boston into approximately 160 Collaboratives.

Q. I  have heard that once the Collaborative forms, all of the current staff has to resign.  Is that true?
 That is not true.  The Pastor has to resign, but usually, the resignation doesn’t take effect until June, when the Collaborative is inaugurated.  And the current pastor may apply to be the pastor of the collaborative if he wishes.  The Parochial Vicars and Deacons are, as always, open to reassignment.  Parish Councils and Finance Councils always are re-formed when a new Pastor comes.  But the staffs do not have to resign. That being said, we need, going forward, to choose our Team for our mission, and not our mission for our Team.  It will certainly be necessary, in most collaboratives, for some staffing changes. 

Do YOU have questions about the Collaborative?   
We want to hear them AND give you the answers!  You can call the Parish Office with your questions, or submit them at this link:  Collaborative Questions

Q. What will happen to the Mass schedules?
The schedules of Masses in parishes across the collaborative will likely need to be adapted to account for the ability of the available priests to say all of the Masses and travel between parishes as needed.  The pastors, taking into account the advice of their staff and councils and the needs of their parishes, will work to create a schedule of Mass times and locations that takes heed of the needs and history of each particular parish within the collaborative and make that information available in both the weekly bulletin and on the collaborative website.  
Some collaboratives may have enough support from assisting priests that significant changes are not required.  Some collaboratives may find more significant changes are necessary.  Pastors, their councils, and pastoral teams will likely take into account parish survey data, Mass counts, and parish financial realities.  We trust our pastors to be aware of and sensitive to the particular charisms, circumstances, and needs of each parish within the collaborative and do their best to minister to each in the truth and light of the mission of the Church.

Q. Where will the priests in my Collaborative live once it has been formed?
That is a local decision, to be made by the local Pastor once he has been appointed.  We strongly encourage all of the priests of the collaborative to live together in one rectory, and we further encourage that that rectory not be an office site, but recognize that this may not be possible in every collaborative.  



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