St. Agnes and St. Athanasius Collaborative
St. Agnes Parish and our collaborative partner, St. Athanasius, will begin as a collaborative in June of 2019.

What is a Collaborative?
- A Collaborative is a structure within which several distinct parishes cooperate for the sake of sharing resources, to free up resources such as priests, deacons, staff and finances.  The global effort of a collaborative is Evangelization.
- Within the collaborative, St. Agnes and St. Athanasius will begin this collaboration by sharing a pastor.  If there is to be a parochial vicar, we will share him as well.  We will share our deacons, and some key members of the staff. 
- We will not combine finances.  The parishes will not be combining bank accounts.  Our offertories, sacramental records, and capital needs will all be tracked separately.  If your offertory is given through St. Agnes' envelopes or through St. Agnes' oline offertory program, it will go to St. Agnes.  
- The collaborative is not a legal or canonical entity.  It does not have a federal tax payer number.  It does not have a bank account. It cannot own property.

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