2018-2019 Homeschool Book Pick-Up Schedule

Book Pick-up Dates:  Beginning Tuesday, October 23; books are picked up in the Parish Office.

Monday and Tuesday - 9:30am until 5:30pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 9:30am until 3:30pm

Please call the office to arrange for pick-up outside of the posted schedule.


This page is a reference for parents/families with children who are not able to attend Faith Formation programming on-site with their grade level peers.  This option is offered with the expectation that the child and family participate in weekly Sunday Mass and Parish events that occur during the year.

Families and students are expected to participate in or attend the Parish celebration of "Night in Bethlehem" during Advent, and Ash Wednesday & Good Friday Children Services during Lent.

There is no substitution for experiencing the communal aspects of our faith.  We look forward to your presence at these important faith filled and fun traditions of our Catholic faith!


Video Clips to Complement Session Lessons

Parents, here is another way to explore with your child the concepts presented in a given Session.  Loyola Press, publisher of our materials, offers video clips that reinforce a session's theme.
The link is conveniently organized by Grade and then Session.    
Watch Video Clip

Your Vocation as a Parent

You are the most important model for your child in growing/embracing our Catholic faith.  In fact, being a parent is a VOCATION in furthering God's kingdom here on earth by way of sharing His love with your children.  The following link offers words of support, reflection, and inspiration for nurturing your child's faith     Your Vocation as a Parent

Mass Attendance

God calls us to come to His table on Sundays to receive His nourishing Word and grace.  Mass is the foundation from which our Faith grows, is nourished and is strengthened.  We ask that you and your family commit to Mass attendance as a part of your Catholic life.  Seeing the significant people in your child's life living their Catholic faith is so important to your child's faith formation.

On the First Sunday of each month, we invite you and your family to put aside all that pulls us in so many directions, to devote one hour for praise, worship and thankfulness to God.  Please join us at the 9am Family Mass.

Parent Letter

Thank you for your desire to pass on the Catholic Faith to your child.  The Catechism states that parents are the first and primary teachers of the faith for their child/ren:  a religious education program is a resource and a support as you carry out this privilege and responsibility.

If you will be serving as your child's Catechist in the home setting, know that you are welcome to the many resources the program has available (videos, books, bibles, fellow catechist ideas).  Please call on us with any question, thoughts or concerns throughout the year regarding Church teaching.


- Attend Sunday Mass faithfully

- Participate in Liturgical Season Activities offered to families - Ash Wednesday & Good Friday
- Complete lessons according to the syllabus
- Lessons must be completed and the Certificate of Completion returned to the Parish Office.

It is our hope and prayer that all families journey together toward a closer relationship with Christ through full participation in the life of the Church here at Saint Agnes Parish.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need.

United in Christ,
Paula Colpitts, Director
Liturgical Arts and Faith Formation


Faith Covenant

Return to Office by October 31st.  Dropbox located by Parish Center front doors.  The Convenant represents a commitment of both parent and child to deepen and nurture our Faith.  Download Covenant

Certificate of Completion

Submit at end of year, after syllabus has been completed.   download now

2018-2019 Syllabus

Download syllabus

Chapter Assessment

When your child has completed Chapter themes they complete the on-line chapter review.  This information is submitted to our Faith Formation office.
Take on-line assessment





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