SUMP:  A St. Agnes Parish Summer Program for Youth
Entering grades 6, 7, or 8 in the upcomig academic year

Our Mission:  provide youth with opportunities to grow and develop a closer relationship with Jesus, with our Catholic Faith, and with our Parish Community


SUMP-8, July 9-13
SUMP-7, July 16-20
SUMP-6, July 23-27

Attendance all 5 days of program is required:  No early releases

Program hours (all sessions): 8:00am - 1:00pm
Snacks/water provided througout day
Students bring bag lunch Monday-Thursday
Lunch will be provided on Friday


Thank you for your interest in St Agnes Parish’s Summer Faith Formation Program:  SUMP!  Though we offer faith formation for grades 1 through 10 during the academic year, we understand the challenges of scheduling in light of the many commitments families face.  We are thankful to be able to offer a week-long summer program for children who will be entering grades 6, 7, or 8 in the Fall of 2017.

We encourage families participating in SUMP to be active and engaged with the program and the Parish throughout the week that your child attends.  It is our hope and prayer that families will continue to be engaged with the Parish throughout the entire year; that families will continue to develop a closer relationship with Jesus.  SUMP participants and families are invited to all Parish liturgical and ministry events throughout the year.

Enrollment for 2017-2018 academic year classes (all grades 1-10) will open later this Spring.

SUMP Program Fees:
1 child - $200
2 children - $250
3+ children - $275

Financial considerations should never be a deterrant to bringing your child to Jesus.  Please contact the Faith Formation office with any questions or concerns.

Grade-Level Student Maximum:  A maximum of 60 students at each grade level will be accepted.

- Application period opens on 03/01/2018
- Application period closes at each grade-level when the maximum number of students (60) has been accepted

1) Program Fee is verified as paid.
2) Family commitment is confirmed.  Families will be asked on the on-line application how they will engage with the Program; see SUMP Program Needs.
3)  You will receive a "Letter of Acceptance" - If you have not received this Letter, your child is NOT accepted into the Program.

   Stewardship:  Be Involved –  Stewardship means caring for our Parish by doing things that allow our Parish and Faith to grow and touch others.  As stewards, we each play a part in caring for our Parish, either by committing our time, by sharing our unique, individual talents, or in giving financially as we are able.  Our SUMP Program continues the stewardship attitude with the expectation that all families, as stewards of the Program, commit their time, their talent or their treasure for the benefit of our Youth.  

What can I do?  The needs of the Program are many:  either on the "front line" actively involved as Catechist (or Co-Catechist) for a group of children, or "behind the scenes" coordinating efforts, St. Agnes Parish's SUMP Program is strengthened, enhanced, supported and made possible through the committed and active involvement of each of us!   Refer to the following page for more information on our Program needs; let us know if you have other talents or ideas that would be a positive enhancement to the Program:  SUMP Program Needs

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